Peter Bournias Business Services Greek Genealogy Research

Welcome to Bournias.Net

Peter Bournias provides business services globally from Greece in:

Management Consulting

Interim Management

Project Management

Greek Genealogy Research

I provide local and remote business services as a Management Consultant from an information technology point of view in Athens Greece that has been accumulated through years of consulting projects in the United States of America, Europe, and the middle east.

From management theory and experiences, I perform a combination of functions locally and remotely as an interim manager, program manager and as a project manager.

Additionally, I perform the services of Greek Genealogy research as a Greek Genealogist in Greece to provide documented genealogical research and evidence of Hellenic Genealogy family ancestry, history, Greek kinship research, and estate research of descendants for personal and legal purposes.

My business perspective and objective is to provide you with results.

I like to think of this website as a digital collection of business and personal intellectual properties and welcome new challenges and look forward to maximizing market shares for every new prospect, and the possibility of new partners for new ventures.

The personal side of P. Bournias:

This website is also a repository for my personal family history.

It includes Greek Genealogical Research of my family tree genealogy research, my blog and viewpoint providing my personal opinions, tips on photography, home do-it-yourself, music, hobbies that I like, and other information that I hope you will find interesting.

I believe that personal development is a must in life if one is to understand the world better.

Take pride in your work as I do in mine, add social awareness, and be the best that you can be to create a legacy.

Last Updated Saturday, 08 May 2021